How many moths warranty for my products?

We provide one to two year limited warranty for all Products purchased from Diadem and a month limited warranty for all products purchased from Diadem.At Diadem group, we are committed to our customers’satisfaction.

If the product is defective (not man-made defective)

when you receive it within 15 days, you can return to Diadem and get a full refund or replacement. Diadem group will responsible for the freight fees.

Beyond the 15 days but within 1 year warranty

Beyond the 15 days but within 1 year warranty, a full refund is not available, but part refund or repair is acceptable. You are responsible for the return to Diadem warehouse and Diadem will bear the freight of repaired units.

Note: If the product is man-made defective

Note: If the product is man-made defective, refund or replacement is not available. Within Warranty, repair is acceptable, but you are responsible for any of the service charge, shipping cost and other fees.